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New year, more interest in Data Science!

Yesterday (Jan 19th, 2016) we held our first meetup in Toronto.  What a great start! More than 130 people attended, and more than 135 people watched the live stream!.  If our first meetup is good indication of what we will see the rest of the year, I’m excited! Before describing what happened on this first meetup, let me quickly recap what we did with meetups in 2015: The Toronto BDU meetup grew from 1,100 members to 3,800; it more than tripled! We re-focused the meetup to cover mainly big data, analytics and data science…

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Analyze Social Media Data in Real Time

Co-authored by Saeed Aghabozorgi and Polong Lin.   This is a brief tutorial on using Spark Streaming to analyze social media data in real time. Do you want to know what people are tweeting about in different parts of world, continents or your country? Do you want to understand trend or opinion of people in a region? Do you need to detect events? Data science can help you to gain this information real-time. This is a brief guide on using Spark Streaming to analyze social data. I have created a…

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