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BioMetrix: Big Data For Athletes

It all started when one of the Founders of BioMetrix received a career-ending injury. Ivonna & her co-founder Gabby, were frustrated by the fact that Gabby’s career was cut short due to injury. It’s a frustration that’s shared by many athletes, who have experienced setbacks & a short lived career from injuries. Gabby Levac, one of the cofounders of BioMetrix   At the first iteration, the BioMetrix team focused on using an adjustable shoe as a solution. But yet, an even more appropriate solution was available. The solution was to use a sensor…

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Reaching out to the Community with BDU Meetups

As I prepare my bags for my trip to DC to launch our first Big Data University (BDU) meetup in the US, I couldn’t be happier to report the excellent attendance and interest we’ve received in BDU meetups we ran last week in four cities in Canada: Vancouver (~365 people), Toronto (~80 people), Ottawa (~80 people), and Montreal (~50 people). Our Toronto Big Data University meetup was started in April 2014; today it has more than 3,200 members. We are currently running two BDU meetups per week until December —…

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Join Our Canadian Data Science Meetups

Big Data University is quickly becoming more than just a website. It’s a movement that’s bringing cutting edge technology education to countless people around the world. This year, with the support of IBM, we are heavily investing in taking BDU on the road to create communities of big data experts and data scientists through meetups. Most of our team lives in Canada, so we started in our own (huge) backyard, with the creation of four Canadian data science meetups. At the moment you can join the following meetups: Toronto Meetup (over 3,000 members!)…

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