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So You Want to Data Science?

Big Data University is a provider of free courses on big data, data science, and analytics. In this article Polong Lin, data scientist at IBM, recommends a progression of Big Data University courses you can take to learn data science. Being a data scientist is like being a kitchen chef. Your manager gives you a load of raw ingredients – the data – and somehow you’re supposed to turn that into a beautiful, scrumptious dish – a statistical model or some app. How do you turn raw, messy data into a…

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Hello, Big Data World!

Welcome to Big Data University’s brand new blog. It is customary for programmers to begin learning a new language by writing a “Hello, World!” program. In this instance, the world that we’ll be exploring on this blog is the Big Data one, so it felt appropriate to title this first post accordingly. Amusingly, for a site that starts with the word big, we began rather small. A handful of us from the Emerging Technologies team in the Analytics group at IBM decided to create a useful resource for the world…

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